Why Baby Won’t Sleep Easily – Most Common Reasons

Baby Won’t Sleep
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Most new parents marvel at the fact that the baby won’t sleep easily.

Don’t expect yourself to get much of it, especially within the new years of the baby.

You may be wondering why the babies are fussy and somewhat refuse to sleep once you bring them home.

They seem to want to stay awake. All the time.

Sure, you may be able to hold them in your arms and then they fall asleep.

But once you put them in the crib, they start to wake again – keeping you frustrated.

You can get nothing is done – not your house chores, not your work, and probably not your sanity.

Not to mention that you lack night sleep.

You are exhausted from constant waking up in the middle of the night, having to care for a fussy baby.

There are some explanations why the babies are acting that way – and how you can tackle the issues.

A New World

You need to realize that babies have spent 9 comfy months in your belly, feeling warm, comfy, and safe there.

Surrounded by the walls of the womb, babies are basically content and happy in your tummy.

And then, they are born in this world, losing all the warmth and comfort they have known for the last 9 months.

How would you feel if you were in their position?

Not so happy, right? And you would be fussy too.

3 Tear-free tips to help your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Babies need time to adjust themselves to the new world.

They are actually creatures who sleep a lot. Really a lot, like more than 16 hours.

But they do it in short intervals. There are two major reasons for it.

First, they will sleep when they are content and full.

The problem is, their tummy is small so they can’t really handle a lot of food.

That’s why they would often wake up.

Second, they love their comfort.

Falling asleep in your arms is nice and they love it. They would love it if they can stay like that forever.

So, when you put them down, they lose the comfort and they want it back.

This is the reason for them waking up and (most likely) be fussy. They simply want their comfort back!

So, how do you deal with it?

For the first one (the feeding reason), there’s nothing you can do except to provide their basic needs.

Simply feed them whenever it is necessary.

Yes, this is probably not the best time in your life, but it will pass, trust me.

And for the second one (they like comfort), there are ways to overcome it.

First of all, you can always sleep together.

Whenever they are sleeping, just go along. It will keep you fresh and sane.

Second, you can keep them with you.

There are so many different wraps today that can hold your baby close to your body without you having to hold them.

With two free hands, you can still do a lot of other things with your little ones still held closely to your body.

Night and Day Confusion

Babies don’t really know the concept of night and day, which is one of the most common issues why baby won’t sleep.

Introduce the concept to them and you are good to go.

They usually sleep most of the time during the day but they refuse to sleep at night.

As they get older, they will naturally get used to the situation, but you can speed up the process.

For instance, you can turn off the lights and turn on a white noise during nap time.

3 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep - Watch this free video now

Open the window so the sunlight gets into the room.

Start the sleeping routine with a bathing time or a preparation time, or such thing alike.

Once they get used to the routine, the process would be easier.

Beginning Teething Period

Teething time can be uncomfortable for babies – it can be painful too.

The babies would be biting, drooling, showing irritability and feeding fussiness during the day.

The discomfort may continue at night, where they may not be sleeping well because of it.

You can always offer them safe and gentle teething ring.

Try to soothe them but don’t easily pick them up.

When they are fussy, you can be there for them, trying to comfort and soothe them.

Simply offer your presence without picking them up.

A Change in the Nap Routine

As babies grow older, they will sleep less.

They should have less sleep during the day and sleep more at night.

This change, however, may cause some discomfort for them as not all babies are ready with changes – or they may need a longer time to get used to it.

You can keep them stay active during the day or try something calming before sleeping time.

For instance, you can let them go to a baby spa where they can swim.

Or if you have a swimming pool of your own, you can engage them in floating activity.

And before they have their bed bath, you can massage them.

It would make them happy and content – and they can sleep better.

No reason for baby won’t sleep anymore, isn’t it?

Not Sleeping on Their Own

Once the babies reach 6 months, they should be able to sleep on their own.

But you also need to remember that everyone has sleeping issues – babies and adults.

When they are awake, they need to learn to go back sleeping on their own.

You should consider starting up sleep training if the baby won’t sleep easily once they are awake.

This is a skill that everyone needs to learn.

The key is to manage and maintain a good routine.

Depending on the baby’s habit, you should be able to maintain it.

If they need to feed before sleeping, schedule the last feeding time – around 30 minutes before the bed.

Put them in the crib and stay for a while until they are calm, then leave the room.

They may be fussy at the beginning but they will have to learn to soothe themselves.

What if they are awake at night? Should you leave it?

Well, you can always go to them and calm them, but there is no need to pick them up.

Simply pat them gently, rub their head or chest, or sing a soft lullaby.

The point is, you need to let them learn how to handle themselves.

Staying there to comfort them is okay but make sure not to pamper them too much.

Those are some issues that are related to babies and their sleeping habits.

Now that you already know some common issues of why baby won’t sleep, you can deal with them.

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