Mary-Ann Schuler Baby Sleep Miracle Review

Baby Sleep Miracle Review
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Baby Sleep Miracle Review – Does It Help Your Baby Sleep Like a Clockwork?

If you are a first-time parent, you might have struggled to get your baby sleep well at night. Well, you are not the only parent in the world to have that experience. 

This is because toddlers, start from 2 months often change their sleeping hours, making you have to change your sleeping habits too.

But, what if you have to wake up every hour every single night to get your baby sleep again? This is the area where the Baby Sleep Miracle works on.

The e-book by Mary-Ann Schuler will offer a solution for struggling parents with their baby’s sleeping hours.

But, before you set up your mind to buy the book, take a time to read our Baby Sleep Miracle review first to give you a deeper look at what it is actually about.

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Who Is Mary-Ann Schuler?

Before going further with the review about this Baby Sleep Miracle e-book, it will be better if you know the author. 

Mary-Ann Schuler, the book’s writer, is a psychologist with two children.

With her experience in pediatric psychology (over 20 years), no wonder that Mrs. Schuler seems to know well about what she has written.

The simple instructions that Mary-Ann Schuler puts on her book to help struggled moms with their babies’ sleeping hours are based on her long experience in pediatric psychology.

As a mother of two herself, she really knows that most first-time parents often feel to have inadequate experience when dealing with their babies’ crying and sleeping.

Not to mention the guilt that parents often feel when they can’t help their infants to sleep well at night.

Based on her own experience as a mother and pediatric psychologist, Mary-Ann Schuler reveals scientifically proven techniques to help parents to deal with the sudden change in their babies’ sleeping habits.

Additionally, the information stated in the Baby Sleep Miracle is gained from several research and studies.

They are conducted at the Standford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine and the Harvard Medical School.

In this way, you as a parent could rely on the instructions given in the book since they are scientifically proven.

What Is Baby Sleep Miracle?

Mary-Ann Schuler baby sleep miracle book

Product name: Baby Sleep Miracle
Author: Mary-Ann Schuler
Price: $37 ( Check Promo )

After knowing the author, it comes the time to the Baby Sleep Miracle review itself. So, what is Baby Sleep Miracle actually? Well, the book comes with e-format. 

Yap, like all things in this internet era, Baby Sleep Miracle also takes an e-book format to spread information about useful methods to get babies sleep well at night.

In other words, you can both print off or download the book based on your preference.

So, if you expect to get a comprehensive video-recorded course by the author, you might not find one. Even though the price is NO more than $40, you might expect more from the product offered.

However, it shouldn’t be an issue since your main purpose is to get useful information written inside.

So, with or without the recorded course by Mary-Ann Schuler, you can still get the best method to cope with the immediate change in your baby’s sleeping habit.

Who Is the e-Book for?

As the title suggests, this Baby Sleep Miracle e-book is for those who are facing challenges with their babies’ sleeping habits. 

The book will be very helpful especially for first-time parents with a lack of experience in handling baby crying and sleeping.

During the very early weeks after the birth of your kids, you might find it easier to get them sleeping.

This is true that you might often wake up every single night to feed your babies, but they usually can finally sleep through the night, giving you time to take a rest as well.

It is not surprising since, at such tender age, babies are still adapting themselves with their surroundings. That leads them to sleep for most of the day.

However, it will change soon after they reach two to four months old and begin to stay up through the night.

This will be a great problem for parents and often leave them stress and tired.

In short, this Baby Sleep Miracle is aimed to help those who face baby’s sleeping issues.

By using the methods and techniques discussed in the Baby Sleep Miracle, it is hoped that parents will get advantages from the simple instructions given.

  • Get difficulty to get some rest because the baby is waking up all through the night. This book will help them to get the baby sleep and reduce parents’ stress. 
  • This Baby Sleep Miracle is also written for those who want to invest time to complete the training because of their love and care for the children related to their sleeping habits.
  • The book will help parents with guilt feeling to unable to get the baby sleep well through the night.
  • The Baby Sleep Miracle is also aimed for those who have the willingness to invest their time to exercise and practice various techniques stated in the e-book.

What Does the Baby Sleep Miracle e-Book Contain?

The Baby Sleep Miracle is 110 pages long and divided into 4 chapters. Thus, you might need a few days to complete reading the e-book. 

However, once you start reading it, you will find that the e-book is interesting to read and contains valuable information.

The Baby Sleep Miracle is well constructed with easy-to-understand instructions that can be applied immediately.

There will be three bonus products you can find in the package. They are two other e-books and some sort of miracle soothing music to help the babies get to sleep easier.

All of the three e-books contained in the package will provide you with valuable information and useful tips about caring for your baby.

The topics included in the Baby Sleep Miracle e-book are:

  • The essentials of napping for your little ones.
  • The importance of infants to get a sufficient amount of sleeping hours.
  • Stages of a baby’s development and how they are different from one to another. There are also discussions about how each of the stages will affect the sleeping habits of your baby.
  • Negative effects often linked to sleep deprivation on babies.
  • Useful tips to prepare yourself for sleeping training.
  • Crucial techniques needed for sleep training.
  • Positive impacts associated with your baby’s routine.
  • Simple sleeping rules could be applied to your baby.
  • Comprehensive and important sleep guidelines should be implemented to your little ones until they reach the age of 5.
  • Advantages of consistent baby’s feeding.
  • The importance to create safe surroundings to raise a baby.

What Does Each Chapter of the e-Book Say?

Speaking about the Baby Sleep Miracle review, this is important to discuss each chapter of the e-book.

With just 4 chapters contained as well as the interesting topic discussed, you will find it easy to read the book until the last page in just a couple of days. 

However, if you think that 110 too many for you, there are short subchapters to read. In this way, you can easily find sleeping tips based on the specific age of your little one.

The Baby Sleep Miracle is divided into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – The Dangers of Sleeping Deprivation

    As the title of the chapter suggests, the first chapter of the e-book is all about the negative impacts mainly associated with sleep deprivation. 

    If you have already had your first baby, you will immediately find the dangers could be caused by sleeping issues.

    Yap, when you have inadequate time to sleep since your baby often wakes up every single night, you will soon find yourself tired most of the time.

    This will cause you to experience various problems such as stress, frustration, anger, nervous breakdown, depression, and even marriage problem with your spouse that can lead to divorce.

    Not only that but the lack of sleeping can also cause various health issues, hopelessness, and uncontrolled weight loss.

    Mary-Ann Schuler also points out how sleep deprivation can affect your relationship with both your newborn baby and spouse, making it strain.

    By reading this chapter, you will find the importance to take immediate action to overcome this sleep deprivation issue.

    In this way, you can back to your “normal life” soon and improve the quality time with your spouse and newborn baby.

  • Chapter 2 – Understanding Sleep

    Now we go to chapter 2 of this Baby Sleep Miracle review. In this second chapter of the e-book, you will find a complete explanation about what sleeping is and understand it. 

    The sleeping explanation presented is fully based on sleep science. The chapter will reveal the process of how humans fall asleep and the things contribute to making it happen.

    The second chapter of the Baby Sleep Miracle also reveals how the sleeping quality is important for your healthy living.

    The plus of the “Understanding Sleep” chapter is that it is well-researched and constructed.

    Furthermore, though it is quite scientific, the sentences used in the chapter are also easy to understand even for those with zero knowledge about the issue.

    One of the most important things about the chapter is that it acts as a basic foundation to easily understand things discussed in the next chapters.

    Mary-Ann Schuler makes this second chapter of her e-book to base the general rules, tips, and tricks related to sleep training.

  • Chapter 3 – General Sleep Rules for Newborns and Infants

    Reading the third chapter of the Baby Sleep Miracle, you will find important information about the basics of good sleep. 

    As new parents, you might have no clue about the environment and circumstances that contribute to helping your baby to sleep. Then, this chapter will be very useful to you.

    Reading the chapter further, you will also find the misconceptions and myths often associated with baby sleeping that is proven incorrect.

    The third chapter of this e-book will provide you with things needed to help your baby sleep well. They are started by creating sleep schedules for your little ones.

    Here, you will also find tips to create a sleep-friendly environment for your baby, feeding routines, and soothing techniques.

    The chapter will show you every little thing needed to get your baby sleep well through the night without waking every two hours.

  • Chapter 4 – Good Sleep at Every Age

    Now, we come to the last chapter of the Baby Sleep Miracle e-book.

    This is the chapter that most first-time parents will find it very interesting to read.

    The chapter discusses routines based on your baby’s specific age, tricks, and tips to help your little one sleeps hours without any distraction.

    Additionally, the information stated in the chapter is well-constructed through subchapters.

    In this way, you will find it very easy to locate what you need the most to get your baby’s sleep based on your little one’s specific needs and age.

    The chapter arrangement will also allow you to skip irrelevant pages and get to the part that is suitable the most with your needs.

Additional Content of the e-Book

Aside from the four main chapters presented in the Baby Sleep Miracle, there is also additional content provided. 

This includes free media files to allow you to listen to the program while doing chores.

There are also MP3 formats contain baby miracle sounds to help your infant get to sleep faster.

Baby Sleep Miracle – the Cons

Speaking about the Baby Sleep Miracle review will not be complete without mentioning the cons related to it. 

Though the e-book is informational and very helpful, you might expect to learn the tips and tricks through video demonstrations. This is something you will not find in the package.

Another lack found in the Baby Sleep Miracle is that you need to invest time to read the book and practice the methods given.

Some new parents will find it a bit challenging especially they need to work in the morning too.

Though it is not a big issue, there are lots of spelling mistakes you will find in the e-book.

Another con about the Baby Sleep Miracle that it is only available in a few specific languages, they are English, Spanish, French, and German.

In this way, people who don’t speak those languages will find it a bit difficult to understand the content of the e-book.

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